When was the last time you ate something right off the vine, fresh from the field, or right out of the pasture? Indeed, there’s something special and remarkable about eating food as close to its source as possible. The trend of “farm-to-table” is just as delicious as it is healthy. And when you are mindful about what you eat, combined with a balanced approach to nutrition, the benefits are numerous. Why should it be any different for the four-legged friends in your family?

Our family’s roots in farming and ranching dates back for centuries. While providing food for humans, we’ve decided it’s time to start providing the same quality of food for pets.

You care about your pets and their health. A similar approach to their nutritional needs in the form of healthy pet food carries just as many benefits for their quality of life. But what exactly does “healthy pet food” mean? Read on to learn more about our approach to quality, healthy pet food and what it means to go from “farm to bowl.”

The process behind our healthy pet food begins at the farm

Have you ever considered where the ingredients in your pet’s food comes from? Our recipe begins with the first ingredient that your pet craves the most: meat. We source our beef from South Dakota. Our chicken is sourced from Colorado, Delaware, and North Carolina.

Once all our ingredients arrive to our human-grade facility, our cooking process can begin. The first step of our cooking process starts by grinding our meat so that it is small enough for your pet to eat. After grinding the meat, we mix in a healthful blend of organic herbs and oils, also sourced from locations across the U.S., as well as cod liver oil from Norway and organic kelp powder from the shores of Canada.

Cooking in small batches allows for better quality control

Once the meat is ground and mixed with organic herbs and oils, it’s one step closer to being the healthy pet food you can feel good about serving your furry companion. We then gently cook the meat mixture in small batches, which allows us to ensure accuracy and quality when it’s time to send the finished product to our laboratories for testing. No batch of pet food ever leaves our facility without passing the lab safety test conducted by a third-party lab.

Next stop? The garden

Fruits and vegetables, as well as the vitamins and minerals we receive from them, are an important part of a human’s well-rounded, balanced diet. Your pet also needs the vital nutrients that come from eating whole foods. A hearty blend of gently cooked nutrient-dense vegetables and antioxidant-rich cranberries are added to the crumbled meat mixture before finally calling the process complete. After all, we couldn’t confidently call it “healthy pet food” if we failed to include superfoods like cranberries and carrots, could we?

One more reason you and your pet will enjoy “peace of mind with every bite”

When you eat real, whole foods, with no added preservatives, you can feel confident in knowing that you’re providing your body with clean, wholesome fuel. Our mission at Raised Right is to offer the same peace of mind to you as a pet owner. We know you love your pets and because of that special relationship, you want what’s best for them.

You can trust that the healthy pet food you’re placing in their bowl, meal after meal, comes from a company that values pets the way you do.

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