Referral Program Terms:

Raised Right will pay you a $10 credit towards your next purchase for every qualified referral that you refer to our site. The qualified referral will get $15 off their first box if they sign up to our subscription service. A qualified referral must be (i) a new subscription customer of Raised Right (ii) be referred by you via your custom referral link, your custom coupon code, or the links via the invitation forms on our website (iii) make a qualifying purchase through signing up to our subscription service. The following is a list of activities that are not permitted and will disqualify you from receiving your referral credit: (i) self-referral (ii) bidding on any keywords containing Raised Right including, but not limited to, Raised Right,, Raised Right Pet Food (iii) placement of the Raised Right logo or mention of Raised Right in any ad text, extensions or banner ads (iv) paid advertising for the purpose of generating traffic directly to your referral link or coupon (v) posing as a representative of Raised Right in an official capacity (vi) posting your referral link on any page that is not owned and controlled by you, and (vii) any bulk email distribution, submission, or distribution to strangers, or any other promotion that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial or “spam”. Raised Right reserves the right to review all referrals and to cancel, withhold, or deny any credits for any referrals that Raised Right deems, in its sole discretion, as fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious, or otherwise inconsistent with these Referral Program Terms, Raised Right’s Terms of Use, Raised Right’s Terms of Sale, or any other applicable law or regulation. Raised Right’s decisions are final. Raised Right reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Referral Program or to change these Referral Program Terms at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion.