As you love your dog with all your heart, you may be buying top-quality dog food for him and he may be finishing it dutifully. However, you might have caught him gazing wistfully at your cooked beef ribs, or salivating over your beef tendon soup. These incidents might have melted your heart.

Naturally, you may be tempted to sneak him some roast, grilled ribs, or tendon chunks. However, you may wonder if dogs can eat cooked beef. This article will discuss whether dogs can eat cooked beef, and explore the types of cooked beef that dogs can eat.

This article will also elaborate on the types of cooked beef that all dogs should avoid, and discuss whether you can feed your dog cooked beef every day.

Can dogs eat beef?

Many pet food companies use beef in their recipes. Beef is an excellent source of protein, which is important for essential functions in your dog’s body.

However, some dogs are allergic to beef! Beef is the most common trigger for food allergies in dogs. Symptoms include itchy skin, hives, and gut issues like diarrhea. If you think that your dog may be allergic to beef, talk to your veterinarian!

What cooked meat is good for dogs?

dog eating cooked beef

You can feed lean beef muscle that is boiled or steamed.

If your dog is not allergic to beef, you may wonder what types of cooked beef are good for dogs. Read on to find out…

Lean beef muscle

You can feed lean beef muscle that is boiled or steamed.

Beef organs (e.g heart, liver)

Your pet can eat certain types of beef organs, like the heart and liver! Organ meats are packed with high concentrations of nutrients.

What cooked meat is not good for dogs?

Do not feed your dog any of the types of beef listed below as your dog can become sick with symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and lowered energy. Some dogs symptoms can become serious and require an immediate vet visit.

Fried or fatty beef

dog eating fatty beef

Fatty or fried meat can trigger pancreatitis in dogs.

Fat makes beef juicy. However, fatty or fried meat can trigger pancreatitis in dogs (“pancreatitis” = inflammation of the pancreas). In a healthy dog, the pancreas produces substances that digest food. When digesting fatty food, the pancreas produces excessive digestive substances that cause pancreatic inflammation.

Pancreatitis requires immediate veterinary attention. Severe cases require prolonged hospitalization. 

Preserved or seasoned beef

It is tempting to spice up your dog’s diet by feeding seasoned beef to him. However, some common seasoning ingredients (e.g. garlic) are toxic to dogs! 

Preserved beef is also a no-no. Its high salt content can cause dehydration. If the salt content is high enough, sodium poisoning can occur! The exception would be beef jerky treats that are formulated for pets. However, these should only be fed rarely.

Beef bones (e.g. ribs)

Cartoons commonly feature pet dogs with bones. However, the FDA has issued a warning against bones for dogs as they are dangerous!

Dogs can damage their teeth by chewing on raw bones such as ribs. Furthermore, cooked bones commonly splinter into fragments after being swallowed. These fragments can cause choking, puncture their tummies, or cause gut blockages. These outcomes are life-threatening and require emergency attention. Thus, if you suspect that your dog has swallowed a bone, please book an emergency visit. Your vet will advise on the next steps.

Some paw-rents give their dogs cow hooves and tendons to chew on. However, hooves carry the same risks as ribs and other types of bones. Tendons are also choking hazards. There are safer types of chew toys- just seek veterinary advice!

Spoiled beef

Signs of spoilage include discoloration, a pungent smell, and a sticky texture. Even slightly spoiled beef can harbor dangerous mold and bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Can I feed my dog cooked beef every day?

Yes – as long as you feed the safe types of beef! Cooked beef can be given as meal toppers or treats. However, you cannot feed your dog only cooked beef every day. Dogs need a complete and balanced diet with the correct proportions of nutrients. Meat-only diets do not qualify. They are dangerous for dogs as they lead to low calcium levels. This can cause brittle bones.

In conclusion, you can feed cooked beef to your dog if your dog is not allergic. However, only certain types of cooked beef are safe. Ideally, you should be feeding your dog recipes that have been formulated to meet AAFCO’s standards for a complete & balanced diet. If you are keen to make your dogs food yourself, the best thing to do is to find a veterinary nutritionist who will be able to guide you in making a balanced diet to ensure your dog doesn’t miss out on any essential vitamins or minerals.